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Ideata e diretta da Francesco Verdinelli

Rag Doll Internet TV, started in Italy in 1997, is one of the first, if not the first, Internet Tv in Europe. Our selection of videos on a variety of subjects is updated regularly. You can see interwievs, behind the scenes perspectives, images from around the word and live broadcasts.

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Diretta da Francesco Verdinelli e Roberta Lerici

Rag Doll Theatratical Productions was the first in the world to put on interactive plays via the Internet in 1996: both on stage and online, as well as live and on screen. Actors in different countries perform on line with actors on stage in Italy.You can get more information about Rag Doll Theatratical Productions and sample our videos on our website.

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The first show realized through the network.


by Dante Alighieri

Actors in different countries perform on line with actors on stage in Italy



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