How to watch Real Video files

This web site uses the Real Video (&tm;) from Real Networks technology for viewing videos.

To watch the video you must: download Real Player 5.0.

Following the link above you will be able to download both: Real Player 5.0 (free of charge basic version) e il Real Player Plus (via credit card). Following the download link you will have to submit:

  • Your operating system (OS Platform) e.g. Windows 95, Mac OS, Unix

  • Your CPU e.g. 486, Pentium, Power PC
  • The type of Internet connection you use e.g. 28.8, ISDN
  • Your name and email address

Real Networks will then suggest a list of mirror sites and from there you will begin download. To install Real Player close your web browser, run the setup binary. After setup has completed copying the files go back to your browser and open With a click con the Real Video icon you will be able to view the videos.

The optimal resolution for browsing these pages is 800x600 and 64k colors.

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