What is Internet & Frammenti

Editing of Shakespeare's pieces played in Italian and, partially, in english because that is the standard language of the Internet. Actors on stage in Italy together with actors playing trough the Internet, for the first time in the world. A global play made possible by the power and the capabilities of the net.

An Italian play, created, made and directed by italians, but with the contribution of actors from all around the world that will even play trough the net. During the play there will be an exibition of computer art, video-art and photographs. A play that shows an alternative way of using the net and shows the power of this new media in a simple and direct way to everyone.

It will be important to perceive all the different contributions done by the actors from abroad that will make this a really gloabl play. Internet is not only a new technology, is a way to expand creativity in every activity, expecially in the artistic ones.

The play will be broadcasted live (audio and video) on the net connecting to our website. The audio and video broadcast are made possible by the technical support from Flashnet. The project it's mine.

Theatre, art and multimedia communications, live, and really without frontiers.

Francesco Verdinelli f.verdinelli@ragdoll.it Roma, Italy, 1996

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